Kirti Vashee
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Kirti Vashee is a seasoned sales and marketing executive of technology products who has built a reputation as an evangelist for SMT technology. He has been a prominent and accomplished speaker on automated translation technology in a variety of localization and globalization technology focused conferences around the world. Kirti is known for his vision on the growing importance of automated translation technology in furthering international trade and communication. In addition to his worldwide partnership building experience, he has excellent knowledge of the knowledge management and translation industries.

Kirti has an extensive background in the enterprise software and information services industries and has been previously involved with several startups that were successfully sold to much larger public companies. He has held senior sales and product marketing positions in both small entrepreneurial companies as well as large public companies such as EMC and Dow Jones.

Previously, Kirti was Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Language Weaver, an SMT pioneer, where he was responsible for architecting their worldwide business development strategy. Prior to this, he was at EMC via a series of acquisitions of a company (Smart Storage) he was instrumental in building from a 5 person startup to a successful, globally recognized 125 person organization. He has established successful sales operations for several companies in Europe and the Asia Pacific region, and has extensive experience developing motivated and effective distribution channels and partner networks.


flag META Prize and META Seal of Recognition Award Ceremony
as author at  META-FORUM 2012 - A Strategy for Multilingual Europe, Brussels,
together with: Dion Wiggins,
flag Asia Online Technology Platform Overview & Vision
as author at  International Conference on Advance Translation Technology for Multilingual Europe, Berlin 2010,