Kevin McCann
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As well as being a chef by profession Kevin is also a registered Gestalt Therapist. He continues to develop his Gestalt training with the Gestalt Training Associates of Los Angeles where he trains at master’s level. He is a GATLA accredited Gestalt therapist and faculty member (assistant trainer) in their couples therapy program. He lectures nationally and internationally on several themes from a process based Gestalt perspective and runs workshops for many groups especially those from socially neglected and marginalized backgrounds and also runs a private practice for individual psychotherapy and couples therapy. Kevin is an accredited member of the Irish Association of Counseling and Psychotherapy and is a former chairperson of the Irish Gestalt society.


flag LEGEBITRA | Talk with Gestalt therapist Kevin McCann
as interviewee at  Pritličje: Pritličje je temelj za nadstropja in streha za podzemlje,
together with: Mateja Capek (interviewer),