Kazimir Tarman
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Prof. Dr. Kazimir Tarman is a Professor of Animal Ecology. He gave lectures on Zoogeography and Chordate Biology at the Department of Biology, University of Ljubljana. His fi eld of research is Pedozoology, especially high diversity of soil fauna, structure of soil biocenosis and their role in decomposition of organic matter and the origin of fertile soil. He studied taxonomy, zoogeography and ecology of Oribatidae in Slovenia and western Balkan. He received the Unesco scholarship to visit Rothamsted Experimental Station in Harpenden, UK. He was the president of the Slovenian Natural Society in 1988–1995. He is the author of many scientifi c, expert and popular science articles, and of books Man and nature (1964), The living world of soil (1965), Why – because in ecology (1975), Ecology (1997, secondary school textbook), Basis of ecology and animal ecology (1992, university textbook) (summarized from Proteus 2/61, 1998).


flag Pedofavna – njena raznovrstnost in vloga pri razkrojevanju organskih ostankov v tleh / Pedofauna - variability and its role in decomposition of organic matter in soil
as author at  Mednarodni posvet Biološka znanost in družba: Ekosistemi - povezanost živih sistemov / International Conference Bioscience and Society: Ecosystems - Interdependence of Living Systems,