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International symposium "Earth Without Humans", Ljubljana 2016

International symposium "Earth Without Humans", Ljubljana 2016

The conclusion that it is easier to imagine the destruction of the Earth and nature than to imagine the end ...


Kapelica Gallery

The Kapelica Gallery is a space for international contemporary investigative art that addresses the phenomena of society that is saturated with high technology. The programme consists of spatial installations, performances, sound research and lectures, in which scientific production and technological applications, bio-politics and natural and urban phenomena are discussed. The Gallery programme is developed as a response to the profound changes in society, thus it is constructed from art activities that reflect the multitudes of contemporaneity and announce the possible future scenarios. As a production platform, which encourages, enables and presents investigation and artistic production by the boldest of artists, the Kapelica Gallery is a space for trans-disciplinary interactions, in which the authors and their teams can develop their most demanding projects.

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International symposium "Earth without humans II", Ljubljana 2017
June 9, 2017 @ Ljubljana, SI