Julian Beinart
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Beinart’s teaching and research is about the form and design of cities. He has been a Sir Herbert Baker Rome Scholar, Program Chairman and President of the International Design Conference in Aspen, one of the founders of the Laboratory for Architecture and Urban Design in Italy, American editor of Space and Society/Spazio e Societa, a Fellow of the Western Behavioral Sciences Institute in California, and research director of a Mellon Foundation study of architectural education in the USA. In the 1960s, he produced jazz concerts and directed design courses in five African countries as part of a wider study of popular art exhibited at the ICA in London and the subject of a short BBC film. His research has been sponsored by the Carnegie, Oppenheimer and Farfield Foundations, as well as by the National Endowment for the Arts. His work and writing have been published widely and he has lectured in Europe, the USA, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Recently he has participated in conferences on the 600th anniversary of Seoul, the Prince of Wales’ Forum in Los Angeles, the Eurodisney conference in Paris, the new capitals conference in Taipei, the 50th anniversary of Chandigarh, and has been a member of the Habitat Advisory Panel. In 1992 and 1994, he was co-chairman of the first two Jerusalem Seminars in Architecture, published by Rizzoli.

Research/projects: He currently heads Cambridge International Design Associates, an urban design consultancy based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Since 1986, he has designed plans in Jerusalem (with Spector/Amisar) for the Israel Museum, the Binyanei Ha'ooma Convention Center, and the Central Government Precinct, and has been a member of the international advisory committee for the city. Other international projects include the St. Petersburg (Russia) master plan competition, studies of the long-term effects of hosting the Olympic Games (presented in Seoul 1988 and Olympia 1994), and various projects in Southern Africa. Among recent work is collaboration in three projects in the UAE, as well as Palestine, Jordan and Sicily, and the winning entry in the Chung Hsin village provincial capital competition in Taiwan. In the USA, he has worked on the site selection and design of the US Air Force Memorial in Washington, proposals for the Dade County transportation corridor and Miami International Airport, plans for the land surrounding Alliance airport in Ft. Worth (the first non passenger airport in the world), and the proposed basketball arena in Dallas.


flag Cities and Resurrection: Jerusalem and Us
as author at  MIT World Series: The Resilient City: Trauma, Recovery and Remembrance,