Judy C. Lewent
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Judy Lewent was responsible for worldwide financial, corporate development and licensing matters, as well as for strategic planning at Merck. Judy was also responsible for the Johnson & Johnson Merck Consumer Pharmaceuticals and Merial (Merck and Sanofi-Aventis) joint venture relationships and the Merck ongoing relationships with Astra and DuPont. She was Chairman of Merck Capital Ventures. Judy was a member of Merck's Executive Committee, a senior management group which evaluates and makes strategic decisions for the Company.

Judy joined Merck in 1980 as Director, Acquisitions and Capital Analysis. She was promoted to Assistant Controller of the Merck Research Laboratories in 1983 and to Executive Director of Financial Evaluation and Analysis in 1985. Judy was elected Vice President and Treasurer in October 1987, Vice President for Finance and Chief Financial Officer in March 1990, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer in December 1992, and Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer in February 2001. In January 2003, Ms Lewent gained additional responsibilities as President, Human Health Asia. Beginning in July 2005, Ms. Lewent resumed the title of Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer as she assumed strategic planning responsibilities for Merck, at which time she relinquished her role as President of Human Health Asia.

Judy is a member of the Board of Directors of Dell Inc., Motorola and Thermo Fisher Scientific. She is a trustee of the Rockefeller Family Trust; a life member of the MIT Corporation; and a member of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences.

Judy earned a B.S. in Economics from Goucher College in 1970 and an M.S. in Management from MIT's Sloan School of Management in 1972. She received an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Goucher College in 1998, an Honorary Doctorate of Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology in May 2000, and an Honorary Doctorate of Science from the New Jersey Institute of Technology in January 2004.


flag Why do We Need Differential Pricing?/Industry Perspective
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