Juan Williams
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Juan Williams appears regularly on the newsmagazines Morning Edition and Day to Day. He is also a contributing political analyst for the Fox News Channel and a regular panelist on Fox News Sunday. He has also appeared on numerous television programs, including Nightline, Washington Week in Review, Oprah, CNN's Crossfire, and Capitol Gang Sunday. From 2000-2001, Williams hosted NPR's national call-in show Talk of the Nation.

Williams is the author of the biography Thurgood Marshall: American Revolutionary, and the nonfiction bestseller Eyes on the Prize: America's Civil Rights Years, 1954-1965, the companion volume to the television series. This Far by Faith: Stories from the African American Religious Experience appeared in February 2003. This book was the basis for a six-part public broadcasting TV documentary that aired in June 2003.


flag Race, Politics and American Media
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