Joshua Cohen
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Goldberg Professor of the Humanities and Professor of Philosophy and Political Science at MIT, is a political theorist, trained in philosophy, with a special interest in issues that lie at the intersection of democratic norms and institutions. He has written extensively on issues of democratic theory, particularly on the theory of deliberative democracy, and the implications of that idea for issues of personal liberty, freedom of expression, electoral finance, and new forms of associative and direct-democratic participation. He is currently working on issues of global justice, including the foundations of human rights, distributive fairness, and supra-national democratic governance. Cohen is also editor of Boston Review, a bi-monthly magazine of political, cultural, and literary ideas, and has edited 20 books that have grown out of forums that initially appeared in Boston Review.


flag Scenario 4: Implementation of Informally Negotiated Agreements or Settlements - Applying Deliberative Democracy to Practice
as coauthor at  MIT 11.969 Workshop on Deliberative Democracy and Dispute Resolution - Summer 2005,
together with: Daniel Yankelovich, Susan Sherry (coauthor),