Jorge Spangenberg
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I am a geochemist specialized in analytical and applied organic, inorganic and stable isotope geochemistry. I use bulk and compound-specific approaches to determine the sources and fate of natural and synthetic chemicals. My work as senior research scientist at the Stable Isotope Laboratory covers fundamental and applied research, scientific consulting, development of new analytical techniques, maintenance and troubleshooting of the organic and isotopic facilities, and teaching. The laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for molecular and isotopic analyses of organic matter (including analyses of lipid and biomarker compounds, compound-specific and bulk carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen isotope analyses by GC-FID, GC-MSD, and GC-C/TC-IRMS). My current research topics include studies of Neoproterozoic and Permian-Triassic climate and environmental changes, evolution of life, organic and inorganic geochemistry of ore deposits, environmental geochemistry, food chemistry, archaeological and forensic topics.

My research interests are in the general area of isotope and organic biogeochemistry and biochemistry, including topics on Palaeoenvironment, Environmental Geochemistry; Water-rock interaction, Ore geology, Archaeometry, Food Authentication, Forensic Science.

In the last 5 years, I have received several grants to investigate the sources and mixing processes of organic substances in different geochemical environments, and to upgrade the isotopic organic facilities in the laboratory of stable isotopes. Current and latest research topics include:

  • Molecular and isotopic biogeochemistry of Neoproterozoic sediments from SW-Gondwana insight into early palaeoclimatic changes and evolution of life
  • Permian-Triassic mass extinction in an ancestor of the Environmental assessment of mining related contamination
  • An integrated study combining mineralogy, geochemistry and biogeochemistry (mine tailing impoundments in Chilean porphyry copper deposits)
  • Aromatic petroleum in fossil hydrothermal vents - PAHs associated with mercury mineralization.
  • Transformation and fate of hydrocarbons during metamorphism - studies in Alpine domains
  • Palaeoenvironmental reconstruction during deposition of the Middle Hettangian to Upper Sinemurian sediments on the northern epicontinental Tethys margin, Frick Swiss Jura
  • Trace elements, stable isotopes, and hydrocarbon biomarkers study of the Topla-Meica zinc-lead deposits, Northern Karavanke/Drau Range, Slovenia: Palaeoenvironment at the site of ore formation
  • Chemical study of organic residues in archaeological materials (e.g., ceramics, soils, leather)
  • Thermal events in the Adriatic-Dinaridic carbonate platform recorded through bitumens in oil seeps and ore deposits


flag Stable isotope traces of AMD
as author at  International Conference on Outbursts of Water from Abandoned Mines: Causes, Consequences, Remediation and Responsibility, Litija 2010,