Jon Wulf Petersen
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I am a materials scientist by training, educated at The University of Aarhus. I have worked in Switzerland, at the University of Zürich and at Cern in Geneva for six years.

In 1992 I joined the newly founded Microelectronics Center (MIC) at DTU as vice director. We established state-of-the art clean room facilities relevant for micro- and nanotechnologies. From 1995 to 2002 I acted as director of MIC. We had extensive collaborations with industry and facilitated between 10 and 20 start-up companies.

In 2002 I joined Risø National Laboratory as deputy director with responsibility for commercialisation of Risø's research.

Since 2005 I am the CEO of the company TTO, which facilitates technology transfer between universities and companies as well as between companies. We are specialized in the commercial and technical evaluation of early stage technologies.

I have been a member of the board of the Danish Strategic Research Council, as well as a member of the board of ASTP, the leading European organisation for tech transfer professionals.

I have a deep personal interest in the knowledge exchange between the public and private sector, and I am particularly interested in how to integrate the perspectives of management, tech trans officers, and the researchers on the floor.

No public lectures