Jan Vreeburg
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Jan Vreeburg is senior researcher on the field of drinking water networks, with over 20 years of experience.

For 60% of his time, he works with Kiwa Water Research and is responsible for the Dutch research program in this topic. Basically this consists of long-term research projects in the fields of network rehabilitation, water quality in networks, sediment movement, cleaning methods and network condition. Besides the research work, Jan Vreeburg is involved in many consultancy projects concerning implementation of network modelling, water quality problems and network rehabilitation problems. He has been involved in large model studies of the province of Limburg (Building and implementing an network model for a 7000 km network) and in strategy studies for water supply plans (restructuring the province of Overijssel, new major transport studies in the province of South Holland). Also Quality Assurance for a number of reliability studies of water systems is an activity in the last years.

For the other 40% of his time, he is employed at the Delft University of Technology, at the Sanitary Engineering Section, where he is associated professor of drinking water distribution. Research interests are the above-mentioned topics.

Keywords in his specialisation are: Water Quality, Hydraulic Modelling, Sediment, Materials, Corrosion, Water treatment, Network Rehabilitation and Leak Detection.


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as author at  TU Delft OCW: Inleiding Watermanagement (CT3011),
together with: Hans van Dijk,