James S. Fishkin
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Director of the Center for Deliberative Democracy and Janet M. Peck Professor at Stanford University, works on the theory and practice of deliberative democracy as well as theories of distributive justice. He is best known for developing Deliberative Polling, a practice of public consultation that employs random samples of the citizenry to explore how opinions would change if they were more informed. Fishkin and his collaborators have conducted Deliberative Polls in the US, Britain, Australia, Denmark, Bulgaria, China and other countries. While Deliberative Polling events are typically televised, face-to-face discussions, he has recently conducted online versions in collaboration with the Political Communication Lab at Stanford and MacNeil/Lehrer Productions. Fishkin is the author of a number of books including Democracy and Deliberation (Yale University, 1991), and (with Bruce ckerman) Deliberation Day (Yale University, 2004).


flag Scenario 1: Municipal Decision Making - The Public Will and Representative Democracy
as author at  MIT 11.969 Workshop on Deliberative Democracy and Dispute Resolution - Summer 2005,
together with: Carolyn J. Lukenmeyers,