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Joint Workshop on Scalable and High-Performance Semantic Web Systems

The 2012 Joint Workshop on Scalable and High-Performance Semantic Web Systems (SSWS+HPCSW 2012) focuses on addressing the scalability issue with respect to the development and deployment of systems on the Semantic Web. Typically, such systems deal with information described in Semantic Web languages like OWL and RDF(S), and provide services such as storing, reasoning, querying, analysis, etc. There are two basic requirements for these systems. First, they have to satisfy an application's semantic requirements. Second, they must scale well in order to be of practical use. Given the sheer size and distributed nature of the Semantic Web, these requirements impose new challenges beyond those addressed by previous systems. This joint workshop consists of two tracks regarding scalability: one for knowledge base systems, and another for high-performance computing. We expect that the issue of scalability is going to challenge the Semantic Web for a long period of time and significant effort is needed in order to tackle the problem. This joint workshop seeks to bring together researchers and practitioners to share their recent ideas and progress towards building scalable systems for the Semantic Web; participants from related disciplines such as Supercomputing, and High-Performance Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Databases, Information Integration, are welcome.


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