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The Expanding Information Universe

Overall objective:

Digital content is developing at a massive rate – not only the volume but also how it is produced and the different forms it takes. Conditions for production and consumption are rapidly changing as more and more online content is produced by users. The growing diversity of sources and formats is deeply transforming enterprises and creative industries alike. Richer, more informative and participative forms of content give rise to new commercial and community services, and stimulate innovation.

Significant interest is being paid to the development of technology designed to enhance our ability to create, manage and exploit different forms of content, to deliver timely and pertinent information, and to augment related processes such as problem solving, collaboration and learning.

Topics to be addressed:

This session explored the intersection between digital content and technology, innovation and business. How do leaders intend to cope with the rapidly changing landscape, what are the new usages, how are they going to affect our society and economy?

  1. From technology through innovation to business – innovating to maximise business growth As a global information provider Thomson Reuters uses innovative methods and techniques to bring to its customers the news and business data they need in a way that best meets their demands. How does technology innovation translate into new markets and opportunities, what are the main drivers in the years to come?
  2. Online games and virtual worlds – a new paradigm Today’s teenage gamers are tomorrow’s executives and entrepreneurs of the digital world. Games are widely regarded as a metaphor for how human-content interaction and exploration will reflect on the 'real' world of business and education. A look at how lessons learned in games help understand tomorrow’s online world and ongoing changes in user behaviour and expectations, also in relation to changes in demography, education and computer literacy.
  3. Filling the pipes – the brave new visual world Sophisticated techniques stemming from the film industry, such as 3D imaging and computer animation, are progressively finding their way into everyday interactions with digital content. How can technology best support digital creativity, what are the main barriers and research challenges in the coming years?

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flagThe Expanding Information Universe: Open DiscussionThe Expanding Information Universe: Open Discussion
Wilfried Runde, Frank van Harmelen, et al. Wilfried Runde, Frank van Harmelen, Amanda West, Márta Nagy-Rothengass

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