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ICOTS-8 2010 - Ljubljana   

8th International Conference on Teaching Statistics 2010 - Ljubljana

The International Conference on Teaching Statistics (ICOTS) is held every four years in different parts of the world. This conference is organized by the IASE. The main purpose of ICOTS is to give statistics educators and professionals around the world the opportunity to exchange information, ideas and experiences, to present recent innovation and research in the field of statistics education, and to expand their range of collaborators.

The ICOTS-8 theme of “Data and context: towards an evidence-based society” embraces many aspects of growing importance in statistics education. Successful statistics learning experiences involve data and contexts that are meaningful to students, whether these are everyday or in another discipline in which the student is already familiar. The past two decades have seen increasing emphasis on rich contexts and data throughout all statistics teaching to reflect and capture the extent and nature of statistics in action in real and often complex problems. Such emphasis goes hand in hand with the use and development of statistics in evidence-based progress in other disciplines, and hence the teaching of such approaches. Evidence-based practice should also be employed in statistics education itself. The three distributions around the three-headed mountain on the ICOTS-8 logo represent students, teachers and researchers, demonstrating that learning, teaching and discovering overlap and progress in harmony.


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