Greg Delagi
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R. Gregory (Greg) Delagi became senior vice president and general manager of Texas Instruments Wireless Business Unit in January 2007, where he leads TI’s worldwide development of semiconductors for mobile phones.

A nearly 30-year TI veteran, Delagi drives TI’s strong wireless leadership position, and leads a global team responsible for executing a clear strategy that ensures TI delivers a broad portfolio of proven semiconductor and software products and solutions that adjust to the dynamic needs of the wireless market.

Deep, collaborative customer relationship are of key importance for Delagi and his team ensuring the company continues its commitment of meeting the unique requirements of handset and mobile device manufacturers, mobile operators, application software developers, and high-level operating system partners.

Delagi oversees a broad wireless product portfolio of custom to standard solutions designed to meet customer and market requirements. The portfolio includes:

  • Innovative OMAP™ applications processor platforms, which continue to raise the performance bar and push the boundaries of cutting-edge multimedia experiences for Smartphones and other connected mobile devices, as well as for mobile computing and mobile consumer products
  • Connectivity single-chip combo solutions and stand-alone solutions that deliver Bluetooth®, WLAN, GPS, ZigBee and various low-power connectivity technologies to today's on-the-go, always-connected mobile consumers

Delagi’s past experience includes guiding TI’s Digital Signal Processing (DSP) business to significant success, including making digital signal processors one of the company’s core semiconductor technologies and a key component of the company’s wireless portfolio. As vice president and manager of TI’s DSP business, Delagi directed the development and broad commercialization of DSPs and is credited with creating TI’s catalog DSP business. He also presided over the successful launch of the industry’s first 1-gigahertz DSP and of DaVinci™, its broad video technology offering. In 2006, under Delagi’s leadership, TI increased its DSP market share for the fifth year straight – representing 62 percent of the total DSP market.

Delagi started his career at TI in 1984 with the Materials & Controls business, based in Attleboro, Massachusetts. He later joined TI’s Semiconductor Group working in sales and marketing in Austin, Texas, and Phoenix, Arizona, and then spent six years in California’s Silicon Valley managing TI’s sales operations for the U.S. western region. More recently, Delagi was responsible for several of the company’s systems business units such as DSL, Cable, VoIP and Wireless LAN, creating system-on-chip solutions. Since the late 1990s, he also led TI’s effort in semiconductors for wireless base stations, working with customers and operators as his team built the industry’s top position in this market.

He is a graduate of Nichols College in Dudley, Massachusetts, where he earned a BSBA in 1984.


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