Graciela Carnevale
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Born in 1942, Graciela Carnevale graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Rosario in 1964. She participated in the avant-garde of Argentina through exhibitions such as Rosario 67 and Estructuras Primarias II (Primary Structures II), both held in 1967 in Buenos Aires. In 1968, Carnevale contributed to the Ciclo de Arte Experimental (Experimental Art Cycle) organized by the Grupo de Artistas de Vanguardia de Rosario, and participated in Tucumán Arde (Tucumán Is Burning), a collective project and exhibition denouncing hardship in the Tucumán region. She abandoned art for many years. She had preserved and organized an archive of those practices. Since 2003 she co-organized El Levante, an independent collective project, to develop critical thinking through art practice. She have been teaching at the University of Rosario’s School of Arts till very recently and is part of Red de Conceptualismos del Sur. She lives in Rosario, Argentina.


flag The Tucuman Arde archive
as author at  The Vienna L'Internationale* Conference 2010: Points of Connection,
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as interviewee at  The Vienna L'Internationale* Conference 2010: Points of Connection,
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