Gordon Fullerton
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C. Gordon Fullerton is the Chief ResearchPilot at National Aeronautics and SpaceAdministration’s Dryden Flight ResearchCenter, Edwards, California. Hisassignments include a variety of flightresearch and support activities pilotingNASA's B-52 launch aircraft, the 747Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA), and othermulti-engine and high performance aircraft.

Fullerton, who logged more than 380 hoursin space flight, was a NASA astronaut fromSeptember 1969 until November 1986 whenhe joined the research pilot office at Dryden.In July 1988, he completed a 30-year careerwith the U.S. Air Force and retired as a Colonel. He continues in his position ofresearch pilot as a civilian.


flag Lecture 22: Test Flying the Space Shuttle
as author at  MIT 16.885J / ESD.35J Aircraft Systems Engineering - Fall 2005,