Giorgos Stoilos
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My research interests include all aspects of knowledge representation and reasoning, especially focused on Description Logics and ontology languages, such as OWL, as well as their application in areas such as the Semantic Web and Multimedia. The specific topics of my research have been quite diverse the last years. In the current days I work on the topic of automatic evaluation and benchmarking of Description Logic reasoners and query answering systems. More precisely, I intend to design and develop methods for automatically generating ontologies for the purposes of evaluation.

Nevertheless, in my PhD I worked on the problem of developing formal methods for representing and reasoning with fuzzy knowledge. Consequently, I proposed fuzzy extensions of several Description Logics, notably a fuzzy extension of OWL (f-OWL), and also developed a number of tableaux reasoning algorithms for such logics. Some parts of these algorithms have been implemented in the FiRE fuzzy reasoner and in the ONTOSEARCH2 system. Additionally, I have also tried with other colleagues to apply such algorithms for the task of knowledge-based image analysis and segmentation. Last but not least I have also worked in the area of knowledge interoperability and ontology alignment, where I have proposed a new String Similarity method, called Iterative-SubString (I-Sub), which has been integrated in several popular Ontology Alignment and Schema Matching Systems.


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