George Wright
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George Wright is head of the Internet Research & Future Services Team, a small team which builds new prototypes, demonstrators and services across all digital platforms. George leads a cross platform, multi-discipline team on a number of future facing products, in collaboration with colleagues inside and outside BBC Future Media and Technology.

He is Creative Director and Work Package Leader for the European Union funded collaborative research project P2P-Next, which aims to deliver high quality TV and Audio content via distributed peer to peer systems.

Before joining BBC Research and Development, George worked in Interactive TV Development in BBC Red Button, leading production on services for the Cable and Freeview digital platforms. Before this, he made websites for pre-school children and their parents, reported about pop music and technology for the BBC, and was a professional musician.


flag Industry and Innovation Discussion
as author at  META-FORUM 2012 - A Strategy for Multilingual Europe, Brussels,
together with: Serge Gladkoff, Tomás Pariente Lobo, Radu Soricut, Florence Beaujard, Lori Thicke, Bernardo Magnini (moderator),
flag Speech analysis and Archive research
as author at  META-FORUM 2012 - A Strategy for Multilingual Europe, Brussels,