Geoffrey Long
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Researcher and Communications Director, Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab, Comparative Media Studies, MIT

Geoffrey Long is also a writer, designer, musician, artist, filmmaker, and shameless media addict. His professional career includes a decade-long run as the editor-in-chief of the literature, culture and technology magazine Inkblots and co-founding the software collective Untyped, the film troupe Tohubohu Productions, and the creative consulting company Dreamsbay. Long earned his B.A. in English and Philosophy with concentrations in Creative Writing and IPHS from Kenyon College in 2000 and his Master's in Comparative Media Studies from MIT in 2007. He is a frequent lecturer on narratives in different media, including transmedia storytelling, and his own storytelling has appeared in Polaris, Gothik, Hika, {fray} and the iTunes store.


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as moderator at  MIT World Series: Media in Transition 6: Stone and Papyrus, Storage and Transmission,
together with: Gavin Grant, Jennifer Jackson, Jennifer Jackson, Robert Miller, Bob Stein,