Geoff Forden
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Geoffrey Forden, research associate, Dr. Forden has been at MIT since 2000 where his research includes the analysis of Russian and Chinese space systems as well as trying to understand how proliferators acquire the know-how and industrial infrastructure to produce weapons of mass destruction. In 2002-2003, Dr. Forden spent a year on leave from MIT serving as the first Chief of Multidiscipline Analysis Section for UNMOVIC, the UN agency responsible for verifying and monitoring the dismantlement of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. Previous to coming to MIT, he was a strategic weapons analyst in the National Security Division of the Congressional Budget Office after having worked at a number of international particle accelerator centers.


flag Can Nuclear Energy and Non-Proliferation Co-Exist?
as author at  MIT World Series: The Future of Nuclear Technology 2007,
together with: Owen Coté Jr. (moderator), Matthew Bunn, Marvin Miller,