Gengxin Miao
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I am a Ph.D. student supervised by Professor Louise E. Moser and Professor P. Michael Melliar-Smith. My Ph.D. research is focused on using clustering technique to deal with data extraction, data integration and data management at Web scale.

During the years of 2004-2005, I have worked as a research intern in Web Search and Mining Group, Microsoft Research Asia. My work in MSRA was targeting mobile information search and browsing and my research mentor is Dr. Xing Xie.

I am interested in the topics of data mining, machine learning, distributed computing, information management, and information retrieval.

Gengxin is nominated for the Dean's Fellowship. (Two nominees per department) Gengxin is the winner of ECE Fellowship Award for her academic and research excellence.


flag Generative Models for Ticket Resolution in Expert Networks
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