Gavin Lawrie
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Gavin Lawrie: Founder & Managing Director Gavin is both a classically trained and experienced strategic management consultant, and one of the UK’s leading experts on the Balanced Scorecard and the consulting processes needed to support its design. His Balanced Scorecard expertise derives from his leadership of projects to develop Balanced Scorecard designs for major corporations across three continents and a wide range of industries, and from working on the development of Balanced Scorecards with both David Norton and Robert Kaplan (creators of the Balanced Scorecard concept). Prior to founding 2GC in April 1999, Gavin was a leading member of the International Balanced Scorecard Practice of Renaissance Worldwide. Gavin holds an MBA degree from London Business School, and a BEng Degree from the University of London. He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, and the Strategic Planning Society. Gavin has spoken widely at conferences and seminars on issues surrounding the development and implementation of Balanced Scorecards.


flag Performance Management using the Balanced Scorecard – The Past, The Present, The Future
as author at  20. letna konferenca SZKO 2011: Kakovost včeraj, danes, jutri,