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ESWC 2015 Developers Workshop

Like any technology, the Semantic Web crucially depends on its developers. Many of us have created SemWeb software, but only few have gotten the opportunity to talk about what is so special about the code they wrote.

The ESWC2015 Developers Workshop therefore provides a forum for SemWeb and Linked Data developers.

We unite developers on May 31st 2015 to discuss about topics we passionately care about:

  • How to develop applications on top of Linked Data?
  • How can browser applications influence the Semantic Web?
  • How to create libraries for technologies such as RDF (JSON-LD / Turtle / …), SPARQL, PROV?
  • What about mobile and native applications?
  • How to do semantic development for a specific domain?

In other words, this workshop is about how you made things work. It is about implementations, methods, techniques, about how you solved practical problems for Linked Data.

For more information about the workshop please visit the ESWC 2015 Developers Workshop website.

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flagConsuming RDF data OOP-wayConsuming RDF data OOP-way
Tomasz Pluskiewicz, Karol Szczepański Tomasz Pluskiewicz, Karol Szczepański

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