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EST Congress 2007 - Ljubljana   

5th European Society for Translation Studies (EST) Congress, Ljubljana 2007

Translation Studies in its modern form as a distinct inter-discipline has been in existence for several decades. We now have a number of specialized journals, hundreds of scholars who meet often for conferences, many theses, dissertations and academic positions. Clearly, Translation Studies matters to those who are engaged in it, be it because they find it fascinating as a scholarly activity, because it is part of their academic career, or for other reasons.

  • But does it matter to others?
  • Does it, for example, add value to practitioners of translation, by teaching them something useful and allowing them to enhance their translation skills, or perhaps by enhancing their status in society?
  • Does it contribute to translator training by offering useful training methods, assessment criteria or other elements?
  • Does it matter to other academic communities by contributing new knowledge and new methods from the realm of translation?
  • Does it matter to society at large, for instance by showing what impact translation-related phenomena have had on various communities?
  • Are some effects of Translation Studies still to come? Which, how and when?

For more information visit the European Society for Translational Studies (EST) website.


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