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European Security Research (ESR) - The Next Wave, Dublin 2015

Under the auspices of the National Standards Authority of Ireland, this Dublin event presents an opportunity for great engagement with experts from different backgrounds and understandings in the area of security research, be it from a standardisation, policy making, crisis and emergency first responder perspective or be it from the scientific and research community perspective.

Under the theme of ‘European Security Research – The Next Wave’, a common aim exists amongst us all – to learn from each other, to share and obtain a more in-depth understanding of important European security related issues, including big data and cyber security. Our challenge was to prepare the foundation for the perceived engagement so that the sharing of excellent knowledge and transfer will be realised. Importantly, the event is aimed at strengthening European project cross-fertilisation activities and the engagement with experts from the field of standardisation, emergency and crisis management as well as policy making.

In response, the ESRDublin2015 organisation committee firmly believes that we have designed a dynamic, engaging and highly interactive event that will encourage good collaboration and interaction over the 3 days to be realized. Ultimately, we anticipate that the event will make a positive contribution towards European security research and cross-fertilisation with standardisation experts and first responders.


Event sections

Exhibiton interviews  

Theme 1 – Strengthening Crisis and Emergency Management Response: What EU Results are Emerging

Theme 2 – Future Crisis Management Standardisation – Future Crisis Management Standardisation – Building up a Road Map with an EU perspective

Theme 3 – Cyber Security: What Threats Lies Within and How CEN should Respond

1290 views, 10:50  
flag Theme 3 Panel Questions and AnswersTheme 3 Panel Questions and Answers
Mary Cleary, Andrea Simmons, Gavin McWilliams Mary Cleary, Andrea Simmons, Gavin McWilliams

Theme 4 – Big Data: A Future Perspective for First Responders

[syn]  1436 views, 08:17  
flagTheme IntroductionTheme Introduction
Maria Eugenia Beltrán Jaunsaras Maria Eugenia Beltrán Jaunsaras
[syn]  1475 views, 13:35  
flagExperiences in AquacultureExperiences in Aquaculture
Kostas Seferis, Dudley Dolan Kostas Seferis, Dudley Dolan
1651 views, 17:06  
flagTheme 4 Panel Questions and AnswersTheme 4 Panel Questions and Answers
Maria Eugenia Beltrán Jaunsaras, Steven Davy, et al. Maria Eugenia Beltrán Jaunsaras, Steven Davy, Kostas Seferis, Dudley Dolan, Ray Walshe

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