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MAO Design Biotop 2015 - Ljubljana   

MAO Event: Design Biotop, Ljubljana 2015

Design Biotop is an experiential and discussion platform that explores the problem solving and trans-disciplinary nature of design, and promotes a design thinking mindset and its impact on social, political and economic challenges by developing grass root projects promoting interdisciplinary connections and collaborations. All Design Biotop events call for action from all levels of society and strive to nurture active participation, where individuals could learn from direct experience, co-working and open sharing.

The third event from Design Biotop series, Design Innovation Challenge, explores the application of design for complex problem solving within specific environments such as the public administration. The event emphasizes the search for solutions within inter-departmental cooperation and integration of different cognitive and systematic approaches. Design Biotop stimulates the search for new ways of solving social problems, based on cooperation between different levels of society and a range of departments, focusing on Design thinking as a strategic tool for change.


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