Christian Stab
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Christian Stab holds a diploma in Computer Sciences from the Technical University Darmstadt. In his diploma thesis, which was awarded with the Fraunhofer IGD “Best Thesis Award”, he developed an Interaction Analysis System that is used in the THESEUS Core Technology Cluster for analyzing user’s behavior in the context of Adaptive User Interfaces (AUI).

He was involved in various European research and development projects, where he developed collaborative tools and knowledge management systems. He is involved in the THESEUS Core Technology Cluster for Semantics Visualization and user-centered adaption and is the project leader of VIntEL (“Virtuelle Integrierte Erprobungslandschaft”) and MErK (“Management von Ergebnissen und Erkenntnissen aus CD&E”). His research interests are focused on Tempo-Analytical Semantics, Semantics Visualization and Intelligent User Interfaces. Further he researches on intuitive interaction concepts for Semantics Visualizations and supervises practical courses at the Technical University Darmstadt.


flag Semantics Visualization for Fostering Search Result Comprehension
as author at  9th Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC), Heraklion 2012,