Chris Needham
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I am currently working on Bayesian Networks for protein function prediction and classification using uncertainty.

Previously, I worked on a Cognitive Vision Project: CogVis during which we developed software which allowed a cognitive agent to interact with the world, and participate in simple games. This system won the BCS Machine Intelligence Prize 2004. Details are published in an AIJ special issue on connecting language to the world:
Needham, C J; Santos, P E; Magee, D R; Devin, V; Hogg, D C; Cohn, A G. Protocols from perceptual observations in: Artificial Intelligence, Volume 167, Issues 1-2, September 2005, Pages 103-136.

My PhD research was on Tracking and modelling of team game interactions


flag Learning gene regulatory networks in Arabidopsis Thaliana
as author at  Workshop on Probabilistic Modelling of Networks and Pathways, Sheffield 2007,