Charles Stuckey
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Charles Stuckey, Chairman of RSA Security Inc. (formerly Security Dynamics Technologies, Inc.) and President of RSA Capital has served as the company´┐Żs CEO from January 1987 to January 2000. His background in general management and sales technology spans more than 33 years. Upon graduating from Ohio University, he worked for International Business Machines in various sales positions. He also worked for the Control Data Corporation in various middle and senior management positions. Under his leadership, RSA has grown from 18 employees in 1987 to 1,000 employees in 2000 and is ranked in the top 100 software companies in the world.


flag Security, Privacy and Technology
as author at  MIT World Series - 2002 TR100 Symposium,
together with: Steven Levy (moderator), Kenneth Starr, Nadine Strossen, Lewis M. Branscomb,