Charles H. House
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Chuck House is Director of the Research Collaboratory for Intel Corporation. His background includes a number of efforts regarding Visual Metaphors for learning, including the first commercially available Computer Graphics displays (used by Ivan Sutherland, Alan Kay, and Doug Englebart for pioneering Personal Computer workstations, as well as garnering the first Emmy from Hollywood for Computer Graphics support). Variants of these displays allowed the world to see Neil Armstrong's foot land on the moon 36 years ago this month; and the doctors to monitor key vital signs for the world's first artificial heart transplant. His graphical analysis work regarding Emphysema death rates as a function of seventeen variables allowed pinpointing unsuspected causal agents twenty-five years in advance of the medical profession's embracing of analogous methods; his "VIVID memos" course at Stanford introduced the notion of a Visual Lexicon twenty years ago that has been furthered by recent efforts. This work primarily won him Hewlett-Packard's Medal of Defiance. More recently, he has focused on Communication issues across time zones, geographies, cultures, and innate skill bases, finding again that Visual Lexicons can contribute greatly to understanding when text and language are insufficient. For this work, he has been recognized by the Smithsonian and the Computer Museum as one of "200 Computing Wizards". For work on enabling technologies for mobile devices, including the HP 35A Scientific Pocket Calculator, and the OS for the Palm Pilot, he was featured on CNN's Top 25 Products of the past 25 years. He is probably best known for his work on Logic Analyzers, however, which was acknowledged by Electronic Design's readers as one of the top 50 inventions of the 20th century.


flag Better than Being There - Intel Research Collaboratory
as author at  2nd Joint Workshop on Multimodal Interaction and Related Machine Learning Algorithms, Edinburgh 2005,
  invited talk
flag Visual Lexicons: The Quest for Data - Driven Decision Making
as author at  2nd Joint Workshop on Multimodal Interaction and Related Machine Learning Algorithms, Edinburgh 2005,