Carole Goble
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Carole Goble is a full professor in the the School of Computer Science. She gained her BSc in Computing and Information Systems from Manchester in 1982 and joined the faculty staff in 1985.

She was first a member of the Multimedia Informatics Group and then the Medical Informatics Group. In 1997 she founded the Information Management Group along with Norman Paton.

She has worked closely with life scientists for many years and is the Director of the myGrid project, the largest UK e-Science pilot project, which has produced the widely-used Taverna Workflow Workbench. This open source software is now part of the Open Middleware Infrastructure Institute UK, a pan-university institute encompassing Manchester, Edinburgh and Southampton. Carole was the founding Chair of OMII-UK. She is also the co-director of the e-Science North West regional centre.

Carole recently launched the myExperiment social networking Virtual Research Environment for e-Scientists to share workflows and other scientific objects.

Carole has an international reputation in the Semantic Web, e-Science and Grid communities and has led the application of Semantic Web technologies to both the Grid and e-Science, a fusion dubbed the Semantic Grid. She has produced the first reference architecture for the Semantic Grid (S-OGSA) through the EU FP6 Ontogrid project and chairs the Open Grid Forum Semantic Grid Group, along with David De Roure. In 2006 she was co-PC chair of the 18th World Wide Web Conference.

Her work has won best paper awards at the 3rd IEEE Intl Conf on e-Science and Grid Computing (2007) and the 11th ACM Intl Conf on Hypertext (2000). In 2002 she was honoured by Sun Microsystems for her significant archievements in advancing Life Science Computing.

She has given keynotes in many of the major forums of her multiple disciplines, including international conferences on: Digital Curation, e-Social Science, Grid Computing, Hypertext and Hypermedia, Bioinformatics, Artifical Intelligence, Systems Biology, Discovery Science, Enabling Grid for E-SciencE, the Semantic Web, and Medical Informatics.

She is the Editor-in-Chief of Elsevier's Journal of Web Semantics, and is an editorial board member of IEEE Internet Computing and the Intl Journal of Web Service Research.

Carole serves on numerous committees, which currently includes the advisory committees of: the STFC Physical and Life Sciences advisory committee; the Netherlands Bioinformatics Centre; the EU EGEE II Enabling Grids for E-SciencE project and the Web Science Research Initiative. Previously she served on: the EPSRC Technical Opportunities Panel; the Semantic Web Science Association; the British Library’s Content Strategy Advisory Board and the RCUK e-Science Steering Committee.

She co-founded Cerebra, an early spin-off company to exploit Semantic Web technologies. Cerebra was sold in 2006.


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