Carol Sanford
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Carol is a respected international speaker and business consultant to both Fortune 500 and new economy businesses. Her clients, most long-term sustaining relationships, include: Seventh Generation, DuPont (U.S., Canada, Pacific Basin, Brazil, Mexico), Weyerhaeuser, Clorox, Colgate Palmolive (Europe and Africa), Pacific Telesis, Merck, Warner-Lambert, Frito-Lay, Hunt-Wesson, Scott Paper, Sharp (US and Japan), Boeing Commercial Aircraft, Ford Motor Company, Nike Americas Group and Smith Kline Beecham among others. Business and community collaboration efforts with above clients have taken place in Burnside, KY, Dothan AL, San Jose CA, Wilmington, DE, Soweto and Alexandria townships in South Africa, Nairobi, Kenya, Athens, Greece, Alverca, Portugal, Aguas Claris, Argentina among others. Carol has over 30 years of global experience helping businesses, organizations and economic regions build the capability to strategically position themselves for non-displace-ability in their markets, build developmental leaders that grow people as they execute strategy, and redesign structures, systems and processes of the operation to embed strategically focused regenerative practices into daily work. She has published over 100 works in 10 languages, including a column in Executive Excellence, Stephen Covey's newsletter and At Work newsletter with Barrett Koehler Press. She draws from the fields of human, biological and physical science, linguistics, development systems theories and human and systems psychology in her work.

Business Systems Development:

  • Designs and leads development processes for Human and Business Development Resources in public series for 4-6 companies, held in 3 regions in US as well as in UK; also conducted internal company series to build regenerative work designs and practices for leaders who aspire to more (including Clorox, DuPont, Weyerhaeuser, Pacific Telesis, Colgate-Palmolive, Crown Zellerbach, Goodrich, James River Paper, Hunt Wesson, Cincinnati Microwave, Yahoo, Agilent, Silicon Graphics, Sharp Electronics. among others.) There are regenerative leaders everywhere and we find them and support them.
  • Designs and collaborates in creation of economic development for cities and regions that goes beyond clustering to non-displace-able, multi-layered sector growth for a region based in its distinctiveness; keynote speaker for The Competitiveness Institute 2007 Global Conference in Portland Oregon on Clustering
  • Designs and leads business strategic, leadership, and/or organizational regeneration in companies resulting in significant improvement in competitive effectiveness, industry leadership, and regenerative growth of people and stakeholder relationships, without social and planetary trade-offs.
  • On-going workshops, video-conferencing and on and off site, for entrepreneurs and managers in creating regenerative organizations and practices, includes educators, business people, and others.
  • Management Expert for the NW Region SBA radio and TV Broadcasts 1999-current.

She has taught at the University of California at Berkeley, San Jose State University. She was Director, Strategic Leadership Institute, Washington State University, Vancouver 1999-2005. Certification program, now held at Antioch University, Seattle 2006-current. She is currently Director of Corporate Responsibility 2.0: Doing what will really make a Difference, a certificate program at Antioch U. in Seattl


flag Sustainability is Only Half the Solution, Regeneration is the Other Half
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