Bruce G. Buchanan
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Dr. Buchanan received a BA (Mathematics, 1961) from Ohio Wesleyan University, and MS and PhD degrees (Philosophy, 1966) from Michigan State University. Since joining the University of Pittsburgh faculty in 1988 he has been Co-Director of the Center for Parallel, Distributed, and Intelligent Systems, a Fellow in the Center for Philosophy of Science, and (recently) Co-Director of the Keck Center for Computational Biology.

He was named a University Professor in 1993. He has joint appointments with the Departments of Philosophy and Medicine and with the Intelligent System Program. Professor Buchanan's main research interest is artificial intelligence, in particular, intelligent computer methods for knowledge acquisition and machine learning, scientific hypothesis formation, and construction of expert systems for scientific problems.

He was one of the principals in the design and development of DENDRAL, Meta-DENDRAL (RL), MYCIN, E-Mycin, and PROTEAN systems. He is a Fellow of the American Association for Artificial Intelligence, a Fellow of the American College of Medical Informatics, and is on the editorial boards of the journals Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Expert Systems, Knowledge Acquisition, and Computational Molecular Cell Biology.

He recently was Secretary-Treasurer of the AAAI (1986-92), and a member of the National Library of Medicine Biomedical Library Review Committee (1988-93, Chair 1991-92).


flag AI History: Expert Systems
as panelist at  31st AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, San Francisco 2017,
together with: Eric Horvitz (panelist), Randall Davis (panelist), Edward Feigenbaum (panelist), David C. Brock (moderator),
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as author at  25th AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, San Francisco 2011,
together with: Manuela M. Veloso (moderator), Daniel G. Bobrow, Ronald J. Brachman, Edward Feigenbaum, Kenneth Forbus, Eric Horvitz, Henry Kautz, Edwina Rissland, David Waltz, Bonnie Webber,