Benoît Rihoux
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Benoît RIHOUX is associate professor in political science at UCL-UCL and his research includes comparative politics, comparative methods (small N methods), ethnic and subnational social movements, political parties and new social movements. He has particularly analysed the most recent surge of social movements and collective mobilizations at the national and subnational levels in Europe, including cultural/linguistic movements. In terms of methods, he is spearheading, together with Prof. Charles Ragin (University of Arizona, USA), an international resource website for the development of specific innovative methods and techniques for “systematic comparative case analysis” in “small-N” research design in the social sciences ( His publications include Bridging the Gap Between the Qualitative and Quantitative Worlds? A Retrospective and Prospective View on Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA), Field Methods (2003), and L’analyse qualiquantitative comparée (AQQC-QCA): approche, techniques et applications en sciences humaines, with co-author G. De Meur, Academia-Bruylant (2002). His numerous articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals include Mapping Political Methodology: Reflections on a European Perspective, with J. Moses and B. Kitte, European Political Science (2005)


flag ‘Creative Environment and Young Researchers’ Performance: The Keys to PhD
as author at  ECPR: Summer School in Methods and Techniques 2009 - Ljubljana,
together with: Anuška Ferligoj, Samo Kropivnik,
  invited talk
flag Configurational Comparative Methods: QCA and fuzzy sets
as author at  ECPR: Summer School in Methods and Techniques 2009 - Ljubljana,