Archon Fung
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Associate Professor of Public Policy at The Kennedy School of Government, examines how public and private governance can be improved through civic participation, public deliberation, and transparency. His current projects also examine participatory initiatives in ecosystem management, toxics reduction, endangered species protection, local governance, and international labor standards. His most recent books and edited collections include Deepening Democracy: Institutional Innovations in Empowered Participatory Governance (Verso, 2003), Can We Eliminate Sweatshops? (Beacon Press, 2001) and Working Capital: The Power of Labor’s Pensions (Cornell University Press, 2001).


flag Scenario 2: Metropolitan Policy Making - Power and Rights
as coauthor at  MIT 11.969 Workshop on Deliberative Democracy and Dispute Resolution - Summer 2005,
together with: Frank Fischer, Marianella Sclavi (coauthor),