Anon Plangprasopchok
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My name is Anon Plangprasopchok, and I am a graduate student in the Computer Science Department at the University of Southern California. I'm currently working under the supervision of Prof. Kristina Lerman on Social Information Processing at USC Information Sciences Institute. I'm also a member of Information Integration group led by Prof. Craig A. Knoblock.

My research lies in the area of pattern recognition and machine learning techniques. In particular, I’m interested in applying such techniques, especially probabilistic modeling, to the problems in automatically identifying and recognizing online information sources, and learning how such sources related to each others.

Another area I'm actively working on is statistical approaches for extracting and exploiting knowledge from metadata contributed by a large number of users on Social Web, such as Flickr and Delicious.I'm particularly interested in extracting categorical knowledge from such metadata.


flag Growing a Tree in the Forest: Constructing Folksonomies by Integrating Structured Metadata
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