Anjali Sastry
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Anjali Sastry specializes in system dynamics, organizational behavior, and human resource management. She followed up undergraduate degrees in Physics and Russian Studies with a Ph.D. in System Dynamics at MIT Sloan. Previous professional engagements included teaching at the University of Michigan and working at a prominent strategic business consulting firm.

Sastry’s academic inquiry encompasses the process of learning, evaluating, and iterative improvement; methods of effecting institutional change; collaboration through sharing ideas borne of reflection upon trial and error; and recognizing faulty thinking that impedes progress and insight. She has published in Administrative Science Quarterly, Energy Policy, Corporate Reputation Review, and Technology Review.

She is insistently enthusiastic about developing opportunities for students to apply classroom lessons to practical situations, and considers experiential learning a hallmark and virtue of MIT.

Sastry’s current interests and research address environmental sustainability and global health delivery, with regard to such broad-reaching problems as carbon emissions and tuberculosis, respectively. Optimism is her starting point.


flag Bringing Management Tools and Ideas, Collaboration, and Learning-by-Doing to the Challenge of Global Health Delivery
as author at  MIT World Series: Back to the Classroom 2008,