Andrej Pančur
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He deals with economic and social world views in Slovenia during the second half of the 19th century, and he is especially interested in perspectives on the real economic and social problems of this period, as well as the form of their projected solutions. Besides such purely theoretic national economic views, he also deals with attitudes towards agriculture, craftsmanship, industry, social conditions, transport, the market, budgetry politics, co-operatives, financial institutions, securities, money, repossession, poverty, morality etc. He analyses such attitudes within the wider frame of contemporary Austrian and other world views. He does not neglect the connection with the actual politics of the time at the level of the country as much as the level of the state.


flag Gospodarska zgodovina Slovenije od 19. do 20. stoletja | Economic history of Slovenia from the 19th to the 20th century
as interviewee at  Sadovi znanja - Izobraževalna TV oddaja | Gains of knowledge - educational TV series,
together with: Goran Tenze (interviewer), Žarko Lazarević (interviewee),