Amy Mitchell
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Amy Mitchell is deputy director for the Project for Excellence in Journalism. Her primary focus is designing, managing and writing the Project’s in-depth research reports. This includes the “Annual Report on the State of the News Media” and other more specific studies such as coverage of various election cycles. As deputy director, she also works with the director on all aspects of PEJ management. Mitchell has been with the Project since its inception in 1997. Prior to this occupation, she was a congressional research associate at the American Enterprise Institute where she researched public policy and the relationship of the press, the public and government. She has authored and co-authored several works including, “Thinking Clearly: Case Studies in Journalistic Decision Making,” a case study curriculum for journalism teaching. Mitchell is a graduate of Georgetown University.


flag New Roles for Established Media
as author at  MIT World Series: Media and the Election: Is our Democracy Working?,
together with: Stephen Van Evera (moderator), Alex Jones, Mark Jurkowitz,