Alenka Malej
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Prof. Dr. Alenka Malej, Biology graduate (Univ. of Ljubljana, Slovenia, 1977) PhD in biology (Univ. of Zagreb, Croatia, 1984) was the Head of Marine Biology Station of the National Institute of Biology and director of the International Ocean Institute Operational Center Slovenia. She has published over 80 refereed papers and has very broad experience in the coordination of national and international research projects. A. Malej has extensive field experience (35 research cruises in the Adriatic and Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, Atlantic Ocean) and holds diving licence (open water diver). Her main research interests are biological oceanography, plankton ecology and eutrophication of coastal waters. In 2000, she was awarded the National Science Award for her scientific contributions. As visiting scientist she spent altogether 18 months at PML, Plymouth, UK and Laboratoire Arago, Banyuls sur mer, France. Her experience in education includes lecturing general and marine ecology, mentoring of undergraduate and graduate students, she also lectured at several international courses organised by UNDP, UNESCO, and EU-funded summer school in Bulgaria (1993-2002). A. Malej has varied and extensive community service experience serving on numerous national/international committees and panels (National GBIF Committee, member, 2002-present; National Committee for IOC, chairperson, 1996-present; UNEP/MAP National MED POL coordinator, 1995-present; Bureau Central CIESM, member, 1994-present; GEF national coordinator, 2002-2005; Advisory Committee of the National board for evaluation of research activity in the fields of Environmental Sciences and Biology, member and vice-chair, 1992-1998; Italo-Yugoslav Co-ordinating Board for the protection of the Adriatic Sea, member, 1985-1991).


flag Svečana podelitev nagrad in priznanj Miroslava Zeia 2011
as author at  Svečana podelitev nagrad in priznanj Miroslava Zeia na Nacionalnem inštitutu za biologijo, Ljubljana,
together with: Dejan Židan, Marina Dermastia, Tamara Lah Turnšek (presenter), Andrej Čokl (introducer), Jure Piškur, Rade Injac, Jana Petković, Mateja Jordan (moderator),