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AI Video Competition 2007   

AAAI 2007: AI Video Competition

AAAI solicits submissions for a new online video competition. The goal of this competition is to communicate to the World how much fun AI (research and application) is and, in particular, to document exciting research and applications using artificial intelligence.

5897 views, 04:35  
flagThe Centibots 100 Robot ProjectThe Centibots 100 Robot Project
Charlie Ortiz, Regis Vincent Charlie Ortiz, Regis Vincent
votesvotesvotesvotesvotes [syn]  7661 views, 01:27  
flagHow to say "No" to a robotHow to say "No" to a robot
Hendrik Zender, Patric Jensfelt, Oscar Martinez Mozos Hendrik Zender, Patric Jensfelt, Oscar Martinez Mozos
comments2 comments 
[syn]  5721 views, 00:55  
flagTwo-on-two robot soccerTwo-on-two robot soccer
Keyong Li, Oliver Purwin, Raffaello D'Andrea Keyong Li, Oliver Purwin, Raffaello D'Andrea
votesvotesvotesvotesvotes [syn]  10835 views, 01:08  
flagAutonomous UAV capabilitiesAutonomous UAV capabilities
Patrick Doherty, Piotr Rudol Patrick Doherty, Piotr Rudol
[syn]  4806 views, 05:55  
flagiAQ: A Program that Discovers RulesiAQ: A Program that Discovers Rules
Ryszard Michalski, Jarek Pietrzykowski Ryszard Michalski, Jarek Pietrzykowski
[syn]  5458 views, 04:59  
flagA service robot named MarkovitoA service robot named Markovito
Elva Corona-Xelhuantzi, Hector Aviles, et al. Elva Corona-Xelhuantzi, Hector Aviles, Sergio Cabello, Enrique Sucar, Victor Manuel Jaquez Leal, Eduardo Morales
comments2 comments 
[syn]  7382 views, 02:48  
flagColor-based object recognitionColor-based object recognition
Jan-Mark Greusebroek, Frank Seinstra Jan-Mark Greusebroek, Frank Seinstra
comments1 comment 
[syn]  5289 views, 00:58  
flagMultimodal Interactive Robot Agent (MIRA robot head)Multimodal Interactive Robot Agent (MIRA robot head)
John Murray, Chris Rowan, et al. John Murray, Chris Rowan, Alan Yau, Mark Elshaw, Stefan Wermter
comments1 comment 
[syn]  11690 views, 04:54  
flagMorphogenesis: Shaping swarms of intelligent robotsMorphogenesis: Shaping swarms of intelligent robots
Anders Lyhne Christensen, Rehan O'Grady, Marco Dorigo Anders Lyhne Christensen, Rehan O'Grady, Marco Dorigo
comments5 comments 
votesvotesvotesvotesvotes [syn]  10804 views, 04:28  
flagDance evolutionDance evolution
Jeff Balogh, Gregg Dubbin, Michael Do Jeff Balogh, Gregg Dubbin, Michael Do
comments2 comments 

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Comment1 Mari, July 25, 2023 at 11:56 a.m.:

Advances in AI have been creating applications and systems that have the potential to change many aspects of life and industry 4.0.

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