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WNLEX Workshop 2018 - Ljubljana   

Wordnet as Lexicographical Resource (WNLEX) Workshop, Ljubljana 2018

released under terms of: Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY)

The relation between mostly concept-based lexical-semantic networks (wordnets) and lemma-based lexical resources (dictionaries) has been explored so far mainly for wordnet-building purposes, and such projects and related issues are well documented.

In spite of not being meant to serve lexicographical purposes (in the case of most wordnets, with some notable exceptions), wordnets have become a de facto standard for the drafting of dictionary content. Experience resulting from using wordnets as a data source for lexicography and issues related to them have just started to be systematically discussed.

In the WNLEX Workshop, we define the state of the art in the discussed topics, provide a survey of solved and unsolved issues, and an outlook on future work regarding wordnet as a resource in lexicographical workflows.

Target group for this workshop is lexicographers.


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