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Winter School on Complexity Science 2017 - Singapore   

NTU Winter School on Complexity Science, Singapore 2017

What is complexity science? What are complex systems?

And why do physicists like Stephen Hawking and Heinz Pagels think complexity science will be a dominant force, not only in shaping our pursuit of scientific truth, but also in changing how we think about societies, and our place in them?

The NTU Winter School on Complexity Science 2017 provides an overview of complexity and complex systems science that empowers participants search for their own answers to these questions. The knowledge gained will enable participants to apply complexity science ideas in their own domains.

Essentially, the school:

  • Teaches basic aspects of complexity and complex systems, answering the question: What makes a system complex? Aspects that will be covered include nonlinearity, order disorder & chaos, emergence and complex adaptive systems
  • Introduces methods, models and simulation tools to study the behaviours of complex systems and provide hands-on experience on through the use of software for building, simulating and visualizing complex networks. Participants are encouraged to bring their own data, work in groups mentored by instructors. Participants will then have the opportunity to present their own findings at the end of the week long course.
  • Provides insights into how complexity manifests itself in real life e.g. politics & governance, eco-systems, cities and spreading phenomena such as rumours, epidemics, economics and innovation.


Onset of Complexity

Complexity & Social Systems

Foundation of Complex System

Urban Complexity

[syn]  1072 views, 1:02:55  
flagHuman MobilityHuman Mobility
Christopher P. Monterola Christopher P. Monterola

Health Systems Complexity (HSC)

Practical Sessions

Student Presentations

[syn]  1087 views, 13:06  
flagThe Mysale WorldThe Mysale World
Ruslan Enikeev, Jared Goh Ruslan Enikeev, Jared Goh
[syn]  1673 views, 22:56  
flagThe Bitcoin NetworkThe Bitcoin Network
Ayana Aspembitova, David Clough, Valentin Melnikov Ayana Aspembitova, David Clough, Valentin Melnikov
comments1 comment 
[syn]  1289 views, 23:56  
flagWildlife Trade NetworksWildlife Trade Networks
Vicki Li Sheng, Mikaela Irene Fudolig, Yang Liu Vicki Li Sheng, Mikaela Irene Fudolig, Yang Liu

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