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WSDM 2011 - Hong Kong   

Fourth ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining - WSDM 2011

WSDM (pronounced “wisdom”) is the premier international ACM conference covering research in the areas of search and data mining on the Web. The 4th ACM WSDM Conference took place in Hong Kong, during February 9-12, 2011.

WSDM publishes original, high quality papers and presentations related to search and data mining on the Web and the Social Web, with an emphasis on practical but principled novel models of search, retrieval and data mining, algorithm design and analysis, economics implications, and in-depth experimental analysis of accuracy and performance.

Conference website can be found here.


Opening Ceremony


Oral Session 1: Web Search I

Oral Session 2: Social Search and Mining I

Oral Session 3: Web Search II

Oral Session 4: Social Search and Mining II

Oral Session 5: Web Search III

Oral Session 6: Social Search and Mining III

Oral Session 7: Web Mining

Oral Session 8: Web Search IV

Oral Session 9: Social Search and Mining IV

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