Walter Daelemans
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Walter Daelemans Walter Daelemans studied linguistics and psycholinguistics at the Universities of Antwerp and Leuven. He worked as a research assistant at the University of Nijmegen in a project on the development of a dialogue system and author environment for Dutch, and at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in Brussels, where he was responsible for an ESPRIT project on office automation. In 1987 he received a Ph.D. (University of Leuven) with an object-oriented model of Dutch morphology and phonology and its applications in language technology. From 1989, he was affiliated to the Computational Linguistics group of the faculty for Language and Literature of Tilburg University where he founded the ILK (Induction of Linguistic Knowledge) research group, and where he remained part-time professor until 2006. Since 1999, he is a full-time professor at the University of Antwerp (UA), teaching Computational Linguistics and Artificial Intelligence courses and co-directing the CNTS research center.

His current research interests are in machine learning of natural language, and knowledge representation techniques for natural language processing. He has published in various peer-reviewed international conference proceedings and journals on a wide range of subjects, including intelligent text processing, lexical database design, intelligent tutoring systems, speech synthesis, linguistic knowledge representation, machine learning of natural language, office automation, cognitive models for language processing and acquisition, information retrieval and extraction, classifier combination models, lazy learning algorithms, text mining, etc. For more information, take a look at current research projects.


flag Memory-Based models of inflectional morphology acquisition and processing
as author at  Workshop on Machine Learning and Cognitive Science of Language Acquisition, London 2007,