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W3C´07 - San Jose   

W3C Video on the Web Workshop

Web based video is exploding. More and more we are seeing video on the Web used for advertising, enterprise collaboration, entertainment, product reviews, and other applications. As prices drop for consumer electronics, amateur and professionals alike are creating increasingly high quality videos. Social networks are sprouting up around Web-delivered media. IPTV (Internet-based delivery of television programming) is also maturing quickly. According to a study done by comScore in July 2007, 75 percent of U.S. Internet users watched an average of three hours of online video during the month. We can certainly expect the same level of viewers in other countries as well. These rapid changes are posing challenges to the underlying technologies and standards to support the platform-independent creation, authoring, encoding/decoding, and description of video. To ensure the success of video as a "first class citizen" of the Web, the community needs to build a solid architectural foundation that enables people to create, navigate, search, and distribute video, and to manage digital rights. more on W3C Video on the Web Workshop

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