Tomas Pfister
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I am a PhD student with Prof Andrew Zisserman in the Visual Geometry Group at University of Oxford. Before coming to Oxford I was interning with Google in Mountain View, CA. I did my undergraduate studies in Computer Science at University of Cambridge.

I am interested in human behaviour understanding-related research. In particular, my interest lies in using machine learning and computer vision to improve human computer interaction.

My research so far dealt with facial expression analysis, affect recognition from speech and natural human-robot interaction. During my national service at University of Oulu Machine Vision Group I started pioneering research on recognising facial micro-expressions. At University of Oxford I work on recognising sign language.


flag Domain Adaptation for Upper Body Pose Tracking in Signed TV Broadcasts
as author at  British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC), Bristol 2013,
flag Automatic and Efficient Long Term Arm and Hand Tracking for Continuous Sign Language TV Broadcasts
as author at  British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC), Surrey 2012,