Thierry Declerck
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Thierry Declerck is senior consultant at DFKI's LT lab and he is currently leading the DFKI contribution to the European Network of Excellence "K-Space" (Knowledge Space of semantic inference for automatic annotation and retrieval of multimedia content, see and was leading the MUMIS project. He is also in charge of the ACL Natural Language Software Registry hosted at DFKI's LT lab and was involved in the lt-world part of the COLLATE project. Since Mai 2004, he was conducting the DFKI contribution of the eTen WINS project Thierry Declerck joined the Computational Linguistic Departement of the University of the Saarland in September 2002 (till February 2005) in order to conduct the IST Esperonto project and the eContent INTERA project. Thierry Declerck was also representing the University of the Saarland in the European IST Network of Excellence SCHEMA and he was teaching on a related topic at ESSLLI 2005

Thierry Declerck studied Philosophy at the University of Brussels and Computational Linguistics at the University of Tuebingen. During his study of Computational Linguistics he has been working at the Deutsches Institut fuer Fernstudien (DIFF) in Tuebingen, contributing to the development of a tutorial system. He also worked at the Institut fuer Maschinelle Sprachverarbeitung (IMS) in Stuttgart, where he was involved in the EUROTRA accompanying research (within the LFG framework). After his study he joined (1994) the LS-GRAM project, where he worked with the ALEP platform.

He joined the DFKI june 1996, where he first worked within the COSMA project, till March 1997, and then in the PARADIME project, which ended in March 2000. He then took the responsability of the SHOW-SOG project, dealing with the topic of language technology based automatic hyperlinking and organisation of knowledge on the web, a project which was achieved at the end of 2001.


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